Voot Kids

Voot Kids - App Extension 

Since VOOT was becoming quite a hit over in India, we brought the idea of extending the Kid Section of the app. There were already some fun quirks with it but since we knew kids loved games, why not add a little gaming component to make the product stand out even more. Below are three concepts that we presented.


Slot Machine

Who doesn't love to play slot machines? Granted it's a form of gambling but who doesn't like take a chance, especially one where you really don't have to much to lose. This was a game that was simple and easy for a kid from the ages 7 to pre-teen would understand. If they matched the a character from a show, it would unlock a free downloadable episode from that specific series. If they matched and got the VOOT characters, it would release exclusive content for them to download and watch offline. 



As a kid growing up, I can say I didn't have a Nintendo DS to play with. What I did have was a deck of cards. We decided to bring it back to the a easy card game of just matching cards. When a kid matches a pair, it will unlock a downloadable episode. 


Easy Access to Voot Kids TV

Let's face it. We're the generation or at the time period where people enjoy binging watching. But to keep kids engaged, we thought it would be cool to hide little easter eggs where kids would have to interact with the show. If they found the easter egg or did the little deed that was requested, they will be rewarded with a sticker. This sticker would be used as a quick bookmark of where you last left off with that specific series.